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"Teddy was a student in my class for two years, where he was inquisitive and engaged, with a very positive attitude. I also worked with Teddy as his director in such shows as “In the Heights.” We performed the show at three different times: one as a typical school play, one involving Broadway performers and one onstage in New York City. As the Piragua Guy he delivered a remarkably pure and natural Puerto Rican accent in his lines and music which was noticed and commended by a competition we entered, the Broadway players, and audiences attending each show. Through the performance process of each show, Teddy demonstrated ambition above and beyond his peers. He never stops working to improve in all areas."

 - Rhonda Lajoie Hawthorne, Spanish Teacher/Musical Theater Director


Ideale, by Tosti & La Serenata, by Tosti

Classical music speaks to me and allows  me to express feelings when words simply won't do.  These are two pieces I performed at my undergraduate recital "Music of the Soul", at Longy School of Music in April 2018.

"Vainement, ma bien aimee", from Le Roi D'ys By Lalo

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