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Edward Coughlin had enjoyed singing from a very early age, but his dedication to music actually began when he was in 7th grade when he portrayed a gate keeper in the Spanish-language version of "The Wizard of Oz" ("El Mago de Oz").  From there on, Edward loved performing in front of a large audience.  In High School, he participated in the High School Chorus.  He subsequently started taking voice lessons privately in his hometown of Stow, Massachusetts.  He also participated in the High School Drama Club.  He portrayed the Bishop in "Les Misérables," Teen Angel in "Grease" and the Piragua Guy in "In The Heights."

After graduating from Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts in 2014, Edward enrolled into Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge, MA, which his two High School Chorus teachers had also attended.  He holds an Undergraduate Diploma in Vocal Performance from Longy School of Music of Bard College, and has just finished his Master of Music in Vocal Studies, also from Longy.  While pursuing his Master's, Edward took part in two Opera Productions at Longy; in "Cendrillon" by Viardot as the Footmand, and in "Alcina" by Händel as the Choir Tenor Section Leader.  In addition to his credentials from Longy, Edward also holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Currently, Edward is applying for the Graduate Performance Diploma program in Vocal Studies at Longy, where he will explore in greater depth music of other cultures and explore historical music while supplementing foreign languages to become proficient.  His goal of completing a GPD to become proficient serves as his stepping stone for pursuing entrance into a Master's program in Musicology.

Edward also works as Tenor Section Leader at First Baptist Church of Arlington in Arlington, Massachusetts.


Ideale, by Tosti & La Serenata, by Tosti

Classical music speaks to me and allows  me to express feelings when words simply won't do.  These are two pieces I performed at my undergraduate recital "Music of the Soul", at Longy School of Music in April 2018.

"Vainement, ma bien aimee", from Le Roi D'ys By Lalo

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